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Let ME help you reach your goals.

Why ME?

Many of us have problems with change. It's only natural, why change what you know for the risk of the unknown? While there are many changes that can be ignored your career is not one of them. If you feel you are progressing too slowly, if your job has become tedious or you simply don't like it any more it is time to change. In many ways our careers define us and of course they have a large impact on our lives. As with anything this complex and precious, we should seek help to guide us through the change process. MEcoaching365 can provide that guidance. We work together to help you define the issue and provide a plan to guide you through any necessary changes.

Mission Statement

MEcoaching365’s mission is to provide a safe, comfortable environment where clients can discuss career concerns, challenges and goals. Through a collaborative relationship between client and coach and a deep respect for an individual, clients are taught skills necessary to move ahead in their careers and achieve their goals.

My Approach

After discussing needs and goals a coaching plan is developed providing you with the necessary steps to reach your goals. We begin with the end result in mind and together work through the necessary steps to get you there. All services are personalized to meet the individual needs of each client and provide the tools and confidence needed for on-going career progress.

Meetings can take place via phone, video conference, or in person and last between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The number of sessions and frequency are determined by the client’s individual needs and time lines.

MEcoaching365 Client Benefits

  • Develop a dynamic career roadmap.
  • Learn job search strategies, interview skills and networking techniques.
  • Learn to define and articulate your value proposition to deliver a clear, credible and authentic marketing message.
  • Master career management skills such as organization, prioritization and self-coaching.
  • Develop body language and storytelling techniques for effective communications.
  • Learn to deliver highly effective presentations.
  • Access to MEcoaching365's network of experienced recruiters.

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